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Special Features

"Mark Twain" in Wellington, Ohio:
A Flesh and Blood Double
in the Western Reserve, 1868
By Leslie Myrick

Missing in Detroit:
"a magnificent, important collection"

"John on the Rail" -- A Case of a Viral Reprint
By Leslie Myrick

Stage Plays Adapted from Mark Twain's Works
By R. Kent Rasmussen

Tragedy on the Mississippi
By Michael H. Marleau

Mark Twain's First Caricaturist:
Edward Jump
By Benjamin Griffin

A Report on Susan Bailey's Ancestry
By David Carkeet

Richard Pichler, Alias P. Richards
"There was a Jack-Legged Draughtsman on Board"

Twins of Genius -- Not!
By Benjamin Griffin

"Things a Scotsman Wants to Know"
Mark Twain's Last Hoax?

Removing "Poor Little Stephen Girard"
from the Mark Twain Canon

Roster of Deceased Mark Twain Biographers, Editors and Scholars

Mark Twain's Mysterious Melbourne Maverick
by Ron Hohenhaus

A History of and Guide to Uniform Editions of Mark Twain's Works

Fired by Mark Twain; Hired by President Cleveland

Mark Twain Takes a Swipe at "Seven Mule" Barnum: A Recovered Speech and Poem

Mark Twain's 1899 Autobiographical Manuscript -- Mark by Mark

Mark Twain, James W. Paige and the Oklahoma Connection -- Fact or Fallacy?

"the lowest-down woman on the planet"

COOLING OUR BOTTOM ON THE SAND BARS: A Chronicle of a Low Water Trip
by Michael H. Marleau

It All Begins with Jennie


and other young women of interest

"...knife a Romanoff whereever you find him..."
Mark Twain on Czars, Siberia and the Russian Revolution

Cases of Mistaken Identity:
Mark Twain and His Lookalikes.
Same Hair, Different Brains

A Strange Case of the Disputed Millets

Mark Twain & the Significance of the
Number 44:

A Review of the Scholars' Theories

Mark Twain's Perfect Courier -
Joseph N. Verey

Mark Twain and Elinor Glyn
including the disputed interview
"Mark Twain on Three Weeks"

Reference Tool - Publication List of Known Mark Twain Interviews

Reference Tool - Chronology of Known Mark Twain Speeches, Public Readings and Lectures

Mark Twain, Napoleon Sarony and
"The damned old Libel"

Livy, Will You Buy Me a Home in Texas?
The Story Behind Mark Twain's Ranch in Archer County, Texas

Paper presented at the Fifth International Conference On the State of Mark Twain Studies. Elmira, New York, August 4, 2005

Mark Twain's "Irish Brigade"
from Roughing It

by Robert Stewart

"We Will Confiscate His Name"
The Unfortunate Case of
George Escol Sellers

Mark Twain's Travel Letters
from 1891-92
with original illustrations by Dan Beard

Mark Twain and Baseball

Mark Twain and the
Fredonia Watch Company

A Footnote (or Headstone) on
Jack Slade of Roughing It Infamy

by Richard Cracroft

Mark Twain's Illustrated Autobiography

Samuel L. Clemens'
Mississippi Steamboat Career

Mark Twain and Karl Gerhardt

A Closer Look at the Lives of
True Williams and Alexander Belford

Paper presented at the Fourth International Conference On the State of Mark Twain Studies. Elmira, New York, August 18, 2001

Samuel Clemens vs. Belford, Clarke & Co.
The Nom de Plume lawsuit

Mark Twain's Last Butler:
Claude Joseph Beuchotte

The Poem on Susy Clemens' headstone

Mark Twain's "Death Disk" from
Harper's Magazine, Christmas 1901

Mark Twain and
inventor James W. Paige

Biography of Blind Tom Bethune

Reminiscences of Mark Twain
by Sen. William M. Stewart
of Nevada - 1908

Memories of Mark Twain in Bermuda

Frederick Mariott and the Avitor

Tom Sawyer's Cemetery
by Dave Thomson

The Story of the S. S. Hannibal Victory
by Dave Thomson

Mark Twain and the Ouija Board Lawsuit
The JAP HERRON Controversy

Mark Twain's Writings on Fasting and Health Plus the Story Behind the Bradley Photos

Selected Mark Twain Interviews

Painting the Portrait of Mark Twain
by S. J. Woolf, 1910

Mark Twain, Publisher
The Webster Company catalog of publications

Mark Twain on the Platform in Australia
1895 report from The Sketch

Mark Twain's Memory Builder Game

Frank Fuller, The American, Revisited

Mistakes and Misrepresentations in
Ken Burns' film MARK TWAIN

Mark Twain and Henry H. Rogers in Virginia

Mark Twain As His Secretary Remembers Him
by Mary Louise Howden

Mark Twain's Juggernaut Club Correspondence - The Helene Picard Letters

William Evans James
Photographer for the Quaker City Excursion
by Randolph I. James
his great grandson

Twain by Spy

Portrait of Clemens
from VANITY FAIR magazine
courtesy of
Dave Thomson

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