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Special Feature
by Barbara Schmidt


Samuel Clemens established his own publishing firm in 1885 and put his nephew by marriage Charles Webster in charge. The first books published by the firm were the Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant and Twain's own Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The initial publishing success of the these two books set high expectations which were never matched in subsequent years. In 1888 Charles Webster was forced out of the company and replaced by Fred J. Hall. In April 1894, the firm experienced financial failure. The following list are the works that were published by Samuel Clemens under the Webster and Company banner. These titles have been compiled using the WorldCat database as well as advertisements that were printed in other Webster and Company volumes. Researchers should note that dates of publication and dates of copyright are not always the same. The following dates are supplied for chronological purposes, but may be either copyright or publication or both.



Grant, Ulysses S., Personal Memoirs

Twain, Mark, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


McClellan, George Brinton, McClellan's Own Story: The War for the Union, the Soldiers Who Fought It, the Civilians Who Directed It and His Relations to It and to Them


Cox, Samuel Sullivan, Diversions of a Diplomat in Turkey

Crawford, General Samuel Wylie, The Genesis of the Civil War: The Story of Sumter, 1860--1861

Custer, Elizabeth, Tenting on the Plains; or, General Custer in Kansas and Texas

Hancock, Almira Russell, Reminiscences of Winfield Scott Hancock

Kalakaua, David, The Legends and Myths of Hawaii: The Fables and Folk-lore of a Strange People

O'Reilly, Father Bernard, Life of Pope Leo XIII


Beecher, William, and Samuel Scoville, A Biography of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher

Burton, Rev. Nathaniel J., Yale Lectures on Preaching and Other Writings

Daggett, Rollin Mallory, The Legends and Myths of Hawaii

Filippini, Alexander, The Table: How to Buy Food, How to Cook It, and How to Serve It

Mark Twain's Library of Humor

Sheridan, General, Personal Memoirs of P. H. Sheridan, General, United States Army

Van Nortwick, William H., Yanks and Johnnies; or, Laugh and Grow Fat


Conkling, Alfred R., The Life and Letters of Roscoe Conkling, Orator, Statesman, Advocate

Stedman, Edmund Clarence, A Library of American Literature from the Earliest Settlement to the Present Time

Twain, Mark, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court


Filippini, Alexander, Supplement to the Table

Ridenbaugh, Mary Young, Biography of Ephraim McDowell, M.D., "The Father of Ovariotomy"

Sanford, E. B., Concise Cyclopedia of Religious Knowledge

Sherman, William T., Memoirs of Gen. W. T. Sherman

Stoddard, William O., Inside the White House in War Times


Bliss, Edgar Janes, The Peril of Oliver Sargent

Byers, S. H. M., The Happy Isles and Other Poems

Crim, Matt, Adventures of a Fair Rebel

Dahlgren, Madeline Vinton, Memoirs of John A. Dahlgren, Rear-Admiral United States Navy

Ireland, Mrs. Alexander, Life of Jane Welsh Carlyle

Lucas, Daniel Bedinger and James Fairfax McLaughlin, Fisher Ames, Henry Clay, etc.,

Schmidt, William, The Flowing Bowl; When and What to Drink

Scott, Henry W., Distinguished American Lawyers, with Their Struggles and Triumphs in the Forum

Sims, George Robert, Tinkletop's Crime

Sixtus, A Review of Professor Briggs's Inaugural Address

Sixtus, Progressive Protestantism

Tolstoy, Leo, Ivan the Fool; or, The Old Devil and the Three Small Devils, also A Lost Opportunity, and Polikshka

Ward, Herbert, My Life with Stanley's Rear Guard


Bacheller, Irving, The Master of Silence: A Romance

Beard, Daniel C., Moonblight and Six Feet of Romance

Benton, Joel, The Truth About "Protection"

Bigelow, Poultney, The German Emperor and His Eastern Neighbors

Bigelow, Poultney, Paddles and Politics Down the Danube

Campbell-Copeland, Thomas, Cleveland and Stevenson: Their Lives and Record--the Democratic Campaign Book for 1892

Campbell-Copeland, Thomas, Harrison and Reid: Their Lives and Records--the Republican Campaign Book for 1892

Cavazza, Elisabeth, Don Finimondone: Calabrian Sketches

Columbus, Christopher, Writings of Christopher Columbus, Descriptive of the Discovery of the New World

Crim, Matt, In Beaver Cove and Elsewhere

Dahlgren, Madeline Vinton, Chim: His Washington Winter

Filippini, Alexander, One Hundred Ways of Cooking Eggs

Filippini, Alexander, One Hundred Ways of Cooking Fish

Ford, Paul Leicester, Writings of Christopher Columbus

Garner, R. L., The Speech of Monkeys, in Two Parts

George, Henry, A Perplexed Philospher: Being an Examination of Mr. Herbert Spencer's Various Utterances on the Land Question

Illustrated Catalgue of Charles L. Webster and Co.'s Publications

Johnston, Richard Malcolm, Georgia Stories

Johnston, Richard Malcolm, Mr. Billy Downs and his Likes

Miller, Annie Jenness, Physical Beauty. How to Obtain and How to Preserve It

Moffett, Samuel Erasmus, The Tariff; What it is and What it Does.

Pullen, Elisabeth Cavazza, Don Finimondone: Calabrian Sketches

Repplier, Agnes, Essays in Miniature

Scollard, Clinton, Under Summer Skies

Sharp, William, Flower o' the Vine: Romantic Ballads and Sospiri de Roma

Springer, William McKendree, Tariff Reform, the Paramount Issue. Speeches and Writings on the Questions Involved in the Presidential Contest of 1892.

Tolstoy, Leo, Life is Worth Living, and Other Stories

Twain, Mark, The American Claimant

Twain, Mark, Merry Tales

Whitman, Walt, Selected Poems

Whitman, Walt, Autobiographia, or, the Story of a Life


Bangs, John Kendrick, Toplleton's Client, or, A Spirit in Exile

Brooks, Henry S., A Catastrophe in Bohemia and Other Stories

Carman, Bliss, Low Tide on Grand Pré: A Book of Lyrics

Crim, Matt, Elizabeth, Christian Scientist

Filippini, Alexander, One Hundred Desserts

Fraipont, Gustave B., The Art of Sketching

George, Henry, The Condition of Labor; an Open Letter to Pope Leo XIII

George, Henry, Progress and Poverty: An Inquiry into the Cause of Industrial Depression and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth: the Remedy

George, Henry, Property In Land

George, Henry, Social Problems

George, Henry, The Land Question: What It Involves and How Alone It Can Be Settled

Isaacs, Abram S(amuel), Stories from the Rabbis

Scollard, Clinton, On Sunny Shores

Twain, Mark, The 1,000,000 Bank-note and Other New Stories


Holdsworth, Annie E., Joanna Traill, Spinster

O'Rell, Max, John Bull & Co.: The Great Colonial Branches of the Firm--Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Twain, Mark, Tom Sawyer Abroad

Waugh, Arthur, Alfred Lord Tennyson

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