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Links to other Mark Twain sites on the web:

 Mark Twain illustration
Albert Levering's illustration of Mark Twain
LIFE magazine 1905.

Mark Twain Forum - Comprehensive book reviews

Mark Twain Journal - An eclectic journal of Mark Twain scholarship

Mark Twain Project Online - Texts of letters and works

Mark Twain Project at Berkeley - Special features.

The Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut

Mark Twain Center at Elmira College - Features an archive of audio lectures from Mark Twain scholars

Mark Twain Center at Elmira College - More extensive content from the Elmira archives

Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum - Hannibal, MO. This site includes free lesson plans for teachers.

Mark Twain in His Times - From University of Virginia

Clemens to Twain - Michael Marleau's blog

Mark Twain Stormfield Project - Blog by Brent Colley with research on Samuel L. Clemens's home in Redding, Connecticut

Mark Twain Gallery and Centennial Collection of artist Susan B. Durkee - Limited edition Mark Twain prints and historic information on Twain's home and property known as "The Lobster Pot"

B. Scott Holmes
Mark Twain and Most Anything Geographic

Following the Equator - A Mark Twain Blog - By Brian Solomon features Mark Twain related news

Peter Salwen's Mark Twain Pages - includes audio file of William Gillette's impersonation of Mark Twain

Mark Twain's Mississippi River - From Northern Illinois University - includes video interviews with Gregg Camfield, Shelley Fisher Fishkin, and Robert Hirst.

The Mark Twain Annual - Official publication of the Mark Twain Circle of America

Recommended reference books --
2-volume edition

A Literary Reference to His Life and Work

by R. Kent Rasmussen
with Critical Commentary by
John H. Davis and
Alex Feerst
available from amazon.com

This 2-volume edition released
in May 2007 from
Fact on File publishers
updates, expands and replaces previous
editions of

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