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For a short time in 1868 Mark Twain served as a correspondent for the Chicago Republican newspaper.

February 8, 1868 - Includes:

His Ideas on Poetical Congressmen -- Hints for the Improvement of their Style. The Scandal Against Judge Field. Adventure with a Native of Kalamazoo -- A Michigander at a Reception. The Capitol Police -- The Colorado Brothers -- Mark Twain's Description of the Fashions at Gen. Grant's Reception.

February 19, 1868 - Includes:

Final Defeat of the Impeachment Project in the House. How to Describe a Fashionable Party -- Some New Terms. Mark's Valentines -- Discomforts of Too Much Popularity. How Miss Vinnie Ream Got Into the Capitol, and Won't be Turned Out.

March 1, 1868 - Includes:

He Attends the Illinois Association Reception. An Agreeable Gathering -- The Skeleton of the Feast. Mark's View of the Impeachment Proceedings. A Lion Aroused -- Gideon on the War Path --Make way for Welles and the Marines. "Flame, Fire and Flame" -- Fury by Telegraph.

May 19, 1868 - Includes:

Mark's Sea Voyage to San Francisco -- Pleasant Traveling Companions. Their "Beguilement in the Boat" -- Some of the Worst Jokes Ever Heard. An Original Charade. Mark's Lecturing Tour -- May Day Among the Mountains.

May 31, 1868 - Includes:

The Silver Mines of Nevada -- Curious Changes Since 1863. A More Healthy State of Affairs -- Labor vs. Speculation. How a Superintendent made a Fortune. A Nevada Execution -- Horrible Nonchalance of the Victim. The Summit of the Sierras -- From Flowers to Snow Drifts. Eight Days from California to Chicago.

August 23, 1868 - Includes:

Immense Emigration to California -- The Labor Exchange, and What It Has Done. Changes in the Manner of Life in California. The Panama Railroad -- How Americans get up a Revolution on the Isthmus. Hartford, Conn. -- The Paradise of Insurance Mon.


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