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The New York Times, June 9, 1867

The Pleasure Excursion to Europe and Palestine - Sailing of the Quaker City.

The steamer Quaker City, Capt. DUNCAN, sailed from this port yesterday, having on board the private excursion party destined for a Summer trip up the Mediterranean, touching at Gibralter, Marseilles, Genoa, Leghorn, Naples, Smyrna, Joppa, Alexandria, Malta, Valencia, Madeira, &c., and returning the latter part of October. This excursion was set on foot some four months ago by Capt. DUNCAN, and was originally designed to embrace a select and somewhat exclusive party, but before the steamer sailed it was found necessary to lower the standard a little, and ordinary persons with $1,200 t spend were enabled to purchase tickets. Rev. HENRY WARD BEECHER, who was early announced to be of the party, found it inconvenient to make the trip, and more recently Gen. SHERMAN was compelled to forego the pleasure; so that after the withdrawal of these two leading names from the bill of attractions, the passenger list gradually diminished until the steamer was obliged to sail with about half the complement of names provided for in the original programme. Nevertheless the party will doubtless be equally jolly, if not 1ite so select as it first contemplated, and the excursion cannot fail to prove a pleasant and enjoyable mode of passing the Summer. It is designed to reach the leading ports in the following order: Marseilles, about the 27th June; Naples, 27th July; Constantinople, 13th August; Alexandria, 12th September; Gibraltar, 2d October, arriving home before Nov. 1. At all of these places the steamer will stop long enough to give the excursionists an opportunity to make a trip into the interior and visit adjacent points of interest. Those who prefer to remain on board the steamer while lying in port will be allowed to do so without additional expense. The sailing of the steamer yesterday morning drew together a large throng of people upon the wharf, composed mainly of the friends and relatives of the passengers, many of whom accompanied the Quaker City down the bay in the steamboat S. O. Pierce, which was chartered for the occasion. The excursionists number about seventy-five persons, as follows:

A. F. Allen, New York City
Dr. E. Andres, Albany, N.Y.
J. G. Tarry, St. Louis, Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dell, Portsmouth, Ohio
T. S. Beckwith, Cleveland, Ohio
M.S., C.Y. and Miss F. Beach, Brooklyn
Dr. G. Birch, Missouri
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. and Miss Bond, St. Paul, Mo.
Dr. M. Brown, Circleville, Ohio
Jno. Brynam, Philadelphia
Rev. H. Bullard, Wayland Mass.
S. (Mark Twain) Clemens, California
Miss Chadeyne, Jersey City
W. F. Church, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dr. A. and Master Crane, New York City
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Crocker, Cleveland Ohio
D. H. Cutter, Long Island
Nathan Decan, Long Island
J. W. Denny, Winchster, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Dimon, Norwalk, Conn.
Mrs. C. C. and Sons
G. H. Duncan, Brooklyn
P. A. Elliot, Columbus, Ohio
Mrs. Fairbanks, Ohio
J. Herron Foster, Pennsylvania
W. and Mrs. Giason, Jamestown, Penn.
Rev. F. H. Greer, Boston, Mass.
John Greenwood, Jr., New York City
S. M. Griswold and wife, New York City
Gen. B. B. Grubb, Burlington, N. J.
Mrs. J. O. Green, Washington
G. Heiss, Philadelphia
Capt. W. R. Hoel, Cincinnati
Hon. J. S. Holdenian, Harrisburgh
Rev. E. C. Hutchinson, St. Louis
James K. Hyde, Sudbury
J. G. Isham, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dr. A. A. Reeve Jackson, Stroudsburgh
W. E. James, Brooklyn - biography available online
Frederick P. Jenkins, Boston, Mass.
Col. P. Kinny, Portsmouth, Ohio
Charles L. Langdon, New York City
Miss Lecowe, San Francisco, Cal.
Daniel Leary, New York City
Mrs. F. G. Lee, New York City
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Lockwood, Newark, Conn.
J. M. May, Janesville, Wis.
Mrs. Mitchell, Boston, Mass.
Miss Maggie Mitchell, Boston, Mass.
L. Moody, Canton, N.Y.
J. Moulton, St. Johns, Mo.
A. Nelson, Alton, Ill.
F. S. Nesbit, Fulton, Mo.
Miss Newell, Janesville
W. A. Otis, Cleveland
C. C. Paine, Pennsylvania
Rev. A. L. Park and Miss Park, Boston
G. H. Persons, New York
Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Payne, Boston
G. W. Quereau, Aurora
S. N. Sandard, Cleveland
S. L. Severance, Cleveland
Daniel Slote, St. Louis
S. Willets, Long Island.

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