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Territorial Enterprise, February 1866

Portion of letter from San Francisco - exact date not determined


Colonel Conway has appointed "Brain McAlister," (Jerome), late of the New Orleans Times, on his staff as his Secretary. The man is talented, and it is well to have a newspaper man on such an expedition--but then there is a graver consideration than this to be taken into account; there is matter for thought, for calculation, for careful weighing here; there is room for hesitation, for doubt, for profound misgivings here--WILL THE DRIED SALMON HOLD OUT? I would not wantonly interfere with the hopes and ambitious dreams of the newspaper creature; I would not wantonly crush him to the earth--but I put it on broad national, educational, humanitarian grounds, and ask: Is it well thus to jeopardize the success of so mighty an enterprise as this? The matter is worthy of the most serious consideration. This newspaper man will travel with the land party and transportation facilities will be extremely limited--the case would be very different if he were going with the fleet, because then an extra ship--. But I suppose I have made myself understood?

[reprinted in The Washoe Giant in San Francisco, edited by Franklin Walker (George Fields, 1938), pp. 105-06; retitled "Mysterious Newspaper Man," reprinting Golden Era of Feb. 18, 1866.]

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