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The New York Times, April 22, 1961

Mark Twain Estate Up $105,351 in '60; Total Is $783,485

Special to The New York Times.

REDDING, Conn., April 21 - The estate of Mark Twain was toted up here today, where the famous author died, and was found to have increased considerably in a year.

In the annual accounting it was reported that the value of the estate as of Dec. 31, 1960, was $783,485, or $105,351 more than in 1959. Income from all sources, including royalties of $18,679, amounted to $70,764.

Probate Judge Hjalmar Anderson opened the proceedings in Redding's Town Hall, as he has for the last twenty-four years, by riffling through a sheaf of papers and announcing gravely: "No we have the estate of Samuel L. Clemens."

Judge Anderson was a small boy living on Umbawaug Road when the white-maned author was the town's leading citizen.

The accounting showed that the income beneficiary, Mrs. Clara Clemens Samussoud of San Diego, Calif., the author's daughter, received $50,036 before taxes last year. Mrs. Samussoud, now 87 years old, was married here to the late Ossip Gabrilowitsch, the pianist and conductor, the year before her father's death in 1910.

The estate includes a sinking fund and a trust principal, the former making up most of the holdings. Judge Anderson explained that the sinking fund was authorized in 1919 to provide a continuity of principal as the many copyrights of Mark Twain's expired.

The estate's trustees are Thomas G. Chamberlain, New York lawyer, and the Hanover Bank of New York.

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