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The New York Times, May 8, 1912

Tablet Designed by New York Woman to be Put in Hannibal Home.

Special to The New York Times.

HANNIBAL, Mo., May 7. - The tablet to be placed in the early home of Mark Twain, which is to be presented to the city on May 15, has been received by George A. Mahan , who will present the home to Hannibal. The tablet bears an inscription telling of its presentation, and below the likeness of the humorist are the words of Mr. Mahan:

"Mark Twain's life teaches that poverty is an incentive rather than a bar, and that any boy, however humble his birth and surroundings, may by honesty and industry accomplish great things."

A fine photograph of Mark Twain taken during the last year of his life by Albert Bigelow Paine and given by the executors of Twain's estate will also be placed in the house. The committee is now working on the programme for the presentation ceremonies. Walter Williams will be the principal speaker.

The memorial tablet and bas-relief portrait in bronze were designed and modeled by a New York woman, Miss Angelica Schuyler Church, the daughter of the late Benjamin Silliman Church of New York.

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