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The New York Times, February 9, 1911

$7,109 Realized in Two Days at Auction of His Manuscripts and Souvenirs.

The original autograph manuscript of "The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg," was knocked down for $900 to A. H. Hahlo at the concluding session by the Anderson Company yesterday of the first part of the sale of Mark Twain's library and manuscripts. It was the highest price of the day. It is written on one side of 146 leaves, is signed, and is dated "Vienna. October, 1898."

The manuscript of "A Horse's Tale," written on 159 leaves, and signed, went to Dodd & Livingston for $600. It contains the following note to the compositors by the author:

Please faithfully and exactly reproduce the portrait marked "Cathy en Civile." I should like the face preserved as accurately as possible in all pictures of her and I would like to have them submitted to me before they are engraved. It is the daughter, whom we lost by death. S. L. C.

Other Mark Twain manuscripts sold as follows: "Meistershaft, in Three Acts," written on ninety-two leaves, $500, (Hahlo;) "The $30,000 Bequest," written on eighty-one leaves, $400, (Dodd & Livingston;) "My Debut as a Literary Person," written on sixty-four leaves, dated at the end "Vienna, October, 1898," and signed "Mark Twain"; his account of his first attempt at writing for a magazine, $350, (Dodd & Livingston;) "My Boyhood Dreams," written on eighteen leaves, and with signature, "Mark Twain," "Clemens," and "S.L.C." occurring several times, $160, (J. F. Drake;) "Notes for Finishing the Missouri Detective Wheeler Story," fourteen octavo pages, $50, (G. Weis,) and four concluding leaves of a typewritten manuscript, "The Turning Points of My life," signed by "Mark Twain," $22.50 (Weis.)

Other interesting items sold as follows: A bronze bullfrog, a memento of Mark Twain's story, "The Jumping Frog," $16; a cream and brown pottery cup, with silver brim on which is engraved, "E. Wyndham to S. L. Clemens, Oxford, 1876," $25 (the Brooklyn Club); Cotton Mather's "Magnolia Christi Americana," with numerous critical notes by Mark Twain, $37.50 (G. D. Smith); "The Restigouche and Its Salmon Fishing," by Dean Sage, Edinburgh, 1888, of which only 105 copies were printed, $105 (the Union Club); a presentation copy of Samuel F. G. Whitaker's translation of "L'Avocat Patelin, adapted by the Abbe Brueys from the farce of his 15th Century," in which Mark Twain has written, "Interviewer vulgarities - insists upon first person - their phrasing necessarily becoming his, not mine. He puts humor in my mouth - thinks humor necessary, which I don't," $8, and a bronze cat, life size, seated on a pile of books, of carved wood, a bronze mouse peeping from a hole it had made in an antique folio - one of the relics from the home of Mark Twain at Stormfield, $77.50.

The total for the day was $4,394, and the grand total $7,109. Part II of Mark Twain's library, consisted of autographic letters, will be sold later.

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