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The New York Times, January 6, 1911

Plan Also to Erect Monument on Bluff Near "Tom Sawyer's" Cave.

Special to The New York Times.

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Jan. 5. - One, and perhaps two measures will be introduced in the General Assembly early in the session, calculated, if adopted, to commemorate and honor Mark Twain.

Senator Frank McAllister of Monroe will present a measure for purchasing the boyhood home of Samuel L. Clemens, which now stands within the corporate limits of Hannibal. Representative Frank Sosey of Marion has prepared a bill appropriating $10,000 for the erection of a monument to the humorist.

Judge Roy, Secretary of the Hannibal Commercial Club, said that if the Legislature will provide for a monument the citizens of Hannibal will furnish the most conspicuous point in that city as a site.

This will probably be "Lover's Leap," a big bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, which is close to the cave Mr. Clemens made famous in "Tom Sawyer."

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