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The New York Times, July 7, 1910

Manly and Wifely Honesty.

To the Editor of The New York Times:

Your editorial article entitled "Honesty of Men and Women" raises an interesting question, but it seems to me that of far greater interest would be honesty "per se," regardless of sex. Mark Twain's honesty when he paid 100 cents of the dollar which 30 cents would have cleared him from bankruptcy won for him warm admirers everywhere. It was a simple, right, manly thing to do - just simply to see and so to act that no one of his creditors suffered. Whether his action was dictated by the beautifully fine moral sense of his wife or by his own essentially sterling honesty of character, or by that gradual welding of sympathy between man and of Mark Twain's "duty to his neighbor," then Mark Twain was again a gentleman in chivalrously admitting the fact.

Akron, Ohio, July 4, 1910

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