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The New York Times, April 16, 1910

Passes a Comfortable Day - Country Air Has Good Effect.

REDDING, Conn., April 15. - Samuel L. Clemens, (Mark Twain,) who arrived at his country home here last evening, fatigued from his long journey from Bermuda, and very ill, passed a comfortable day with no appreciable change in his condition and was holding his own pretty well. A second nurse arrived today.

Dr. R. H. Halsey of New York, who accompanied Mr. Clemens here yesterday, remained with him overnight and returned to New York this morning. The bracing air of the country, it is stated, has had a beneficial effect upon Mr. Clemens's respiratory organs since his arrival here, and much of the distress that accompanied his breathing during the ocean voyage from Bermuda to New York and after his arrival in New York has disappeared.

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