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The New York Times, November 6, 1908

[This article has been edited to include only the portions relevant to Mark Twain.]

And Hear a Little Chaff About the World as Presented in the Cable News.

The Pilgrims of the United States entertained Lord Northcliffe last night at a dinner at Delmonico's, and some 250 men, prominent in finance, politics, science, and journalism, joined in doing honor to the peer who is so emminent in British journalism. ...


This characteristic telegram came from Mark Twain:

I am sorry indeed that I cannot be at the Pilgrims' dinner to Lord Northcliffe, whom I hold in high esteem and friendly regard. I ask him to forget for a moment that he is a legislator and join me in a health to the sacred memory of that great Englishman who on this day 303 years ago tried to blow up a Parliament which was meditating a limitation of copyright, but was defeated by the mistaken interference of a Providence more interested in spectacular mercy than in plain, square justice.

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