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The New York Times, June 9, 1908

To Miss Eustace's Fund for Feeding Needy School Children.

Jennie Eustace, leading woman of the "Witching Hour" company at the Hackett Theatre, who had undertaken to raise $1,000 for the fund to aid the indigent school children of New York, yesterday received a letter from Mark Twain inclosing a check for $10. The letter, which was written from 21 Fifth Avenue, said:

Dear Miss Eustace: I wish to contribute the inclosed $10 to that $1,000 which you propose to raise among our profession. I think I have fairly earned the right to say "our," for I have been monologuing before the footlights for forty years and I am on the free list of all the righteously conducted theatres in the country. Sincerely yours,


Though Miss Eustace announced her intention of collecting funds only three days ago, she has already received nearly $200. The subscriptions have been from "professional" friends and also from friends and acquaintances in no manner connected with the stage.

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