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The New York Times, December 27, 1907

Well-Known Americans Appeal by Cable to Premier Stolypin.

A petition pleading for the liberation of Nicholas Tchaykovsky and Mme. Breshkovskaya, recently arrested for complicity in the Russian revolutionary movement, has been cabled to M. Stolypin, Premier of Russia, by a group of prominent Americans who represent the sentiments of thousands of citizens of New York, Chicago, and Boston.

The list of about 500 names signed to the petition was headed by ex-Mayor Low of New York, Mayor Busse of Chicago, Ill.; Coadjutor Bishop David H. Greer of New York, Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain), George Foster Peabody, and ex-Judge Morgan J. O'Brien.

The cabled message to the Premier was similar to the one forwarded to Baron Rosen, the Russian Ambassador at Washington, last week by a committee consisting of S. G. Barrows, James B. Reynolds, W. B. Howland, and E. F. Baldwin.

In its shortened form it read as follows:

To M. Stolypin, the Premier of Russia:

Many thousands of American citizens, not of Russian blood nor connected with any Russian revolutionary organization, but admirers of Nicholas Tchaykovsky and Mme. Catherine Breshkovskaya, respectfully inform you that the release of the two prisoners would be interpreted by the American people who are warm friends and well wishers for the welfare of Russia, as an act of friendship on the part of the Government of his Imperial Majesty.

Robert Erskine Ely of the City Club, who is an active worker in this movement for the liberation of these well-known Russians, stated last night that this cabled petition represents the widespread sympathy in the United States for Tchaykovsky and Mme. Breshkovskaya, both of who are well known in this country. While living here Tchaykovsky made many warm friends and admirers, and Mms. Breshkovskaya established an enviable reputation by her philanthropic and charitable work and her standing as an educator.

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