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The New York Times, July 18, 1907

Bark Lost Her Bowsprit In Collision with the Minnetonka.

LONDON, July 17. - The following wireless dispatch by way of Crookhaven from the Atlantic Transport liner Minnetonka, which sailed from London for New York on July 12, has been received by The Associated Press:

"Left the Channel Sunday at 1:50 in doubtful weather and sighted the Scilly Islands ten miles off. At 6 o'clock ran into a dense for, which broke into patches during the night.

"At 5 A.M. to-day the fog had thickened, and the ship was crawling along slowly. At 6:30 a bark suddenly loomed up and lost her bowsprit by dragging along our sides.

"We received very slight damage. The bark was coming for our broadside, but prompt action on both sides prevented a direct collision.

"The bark disappeared in the fog. We saw her twice during a three hours' hunt, but she was so quickly enveloped in the fog that we could not speak her, so we resumed our trail.

"All well.


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