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The New York Times, June 30, 1907

Given by the Lord Mayor of London -- Twain Visits Miss Corelli.

LONDON, June 29. - Mark Twain was the guest of honor to-night at a banquet at the Mansion House, at which the Lord Mayor had as his guests 250 members of the Savage Club and others, including Lord Chief Justice Alverstone, Dr. Nansen, and Sir William S. Gilbert.

Mark Twain, replying to a toast to the honorary life members of the Savage Club, entertained the guests with several stories of American humor, which highly amused them. In concluding, he touched a more serious note, saying:

"And now I am going home in a week or two, across the ocean once more. I came over to get an honorary degree from Oxford. I would have encompassed the seven seas for an honor like that--the greatest honor that has ever fallen to my share.

"Well, I am young in spirit, but old in flesh, and it is not likely that I shall ever see England again,but I go with the recollection of a gracious, kindly welcome, for which I am grateful."

Mark Twain continues, after King Edward, to be the most prominent personage in England. To-day he visited Marie Corelli at Stratford-on-Avon. A crowd welcomed the American humorist at the railroad station his arrival there from Oxford, cheered him, and followed his carriage as it drove away.

Wherever Mark Twain goes his admirers follow him, shaking hands and begging for autographs, and the newspapers chronicle his every movement and saying, while the weeklies, even those printed in foreign languages, publish sketches of him.

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