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The New York Times, March 8, 1907

[This article has been edited to include only the portion related to Mark Twain's letter, the text of which did not appear in this article.]

Cooper Union Crowded to Hear Tributes to Writer and Philanthropist.

Cooper Union was crowded last night with men and women who went there to join in a tribute to the memory of Ernest Howard Crosby. Hamlin Garland, the Rev. Dr. Leighton Williams, John S. Crosby, Abraham Cahan, A. J. Boulton, and Dr. Jane E. Robbins made speeches, Edwin Markham read a poem composed for the occasion, the choir of St. Thomas's Church sang, and many prominent men, among them Count Leo Tolsty, William Jennings Bryan, Mark Twain, William Dean Howells, and Edmund C. Stedham sent letters.

When Lawson Purdy called the meeting to order there was not an empty chair in the auditorium, and many persons were standing. Mr. Purdy read a few of the hundreds of letters received from persons who were nable to be present. ...

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