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The New York Times, March 6, 1907

Gardner Beat Conklin in National Tournament Game 300 - 299.
Night Winner Made Highest Average and Run of the Series at Liederkranz Club.

Dr. Leonidas L. Mial and Edward W. Gardner were the winners yesterday in the continuation of the National amateur billiard championship tournament at 14.2 balk line. Dr. Mial worked a reversal of form by defeating J. Ferdinand Poggenburg 300 points to 200 in the evening contest, while Gardner, the present champion, defeated Charles F. Conklin 300 to 299 at the matinee session. The former's average was 13 1-23, while Gardner, in a long-drawn-out game, fell to 6 24-46.

Mark Twain, attired in a pearl-colored sack suit, witnessed the greater portion of the Gardner-Conklin match, in the concert hall of the Liederkranz Club, Fifty-eighth Street, near Park Avenue. He arrived while Gardner was at the table, and the cheering so disconcerted the champion that he missed an easy carrom [sic]. Mark Twain waved his hands and smilingly acknowledged the greeting. He watched the play, and at the good shots puffed furiously at a big black cigar.

There was scarcely time to brush off the table and repolish the balls between the afternoon and evening contests. In fact, several spectators in evening dress witnessed the tight finish of the Gardner-Conklin match with its pyrotechical carroms [sic] at the end. The competitors of the evening match, Poggenburg and Dr. Mial, were on time, however, the latter winning the bank and opening with a pretty cluster of 10 after selecting the white ball.

[The article continues with additional billiard scores. There is no other mention of Twain in this article.]

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