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The New York Times, March 4, 1907

[This article has been edited to include only the portion relevant to Mark Twain.]

Peasant Leaders Tell Meeting a Great Revolution Is Impending.
Mass Meeting to Aid Russian Freedom to be Held To-night.

Alexis Aladin, formerly leader of the Peasant Party in the Russian Duma, and N. W. Tchaykovsky, "Father of the Russian Revolution," talked of impending revolution in Russia before the Ethical Culture Society in Carnegie Hall yesterday morning. Mr. Tchaykovsky said that the Russian autocracy is "dancing over the crater of a volcano," and that even now it is too late to avoid violence and bloodshed.

A reign of terror had begun in Russia, he said, and the responsibility for it all rests justly on the Russian Government.

It was announced that a mass meeting would be held in Carnegie Hall to-night to arouse sympathy and interest for the people of Russia in their struggle for liberty. Dr. Lyman Abbott will preside at the meeting, which will be addressed, among others by William Schieffelin, Dr. Felix Adler, George Kennan, Mr. Tchaykovsky, Mr. Aladin, Senator La Follette of Wisconsin, and Dr. Parkhurst.

. . .

The mass meeting to-night will be under the auspices of the Society of the Friends of Russian Freedom. According to Mr. Tchaykovsky, who will speak at the meeting, 84 out of 87 provinces of Russia are now under martial law.

To-night's meeting is to be essentially a meeting to express indignation and encourage the fight for Russian freedom and not a meeting to raise funds. The boxes and reserved seats were given without charge to those who applied and any unalloted seats may be obtained without charge to-day at the headquarters of the society at 500 Fifth Avenue. General admission tickets for the balconies also may be obtained at the same place.

The list of persons who have sought and received boxes includes Mark Twain, Jacob H. Schiff, Dr. Parkhurst, William Jay Schieffelin, Isaac N. Seligman, William H. Maxwell, Bishop Greer, St. Clair McKelway, George McAneny, Dr. Felix Adler, Cyrus Sulzberger, Prof. E. R. A. Seligman, Alton B. Parker, E. R. L. Gould, Judge Samuel Greenbaum, Robert E. Ely, Nathan Bijur, Robert Underwood Johnson, Howard S. Gans, F. M. Stein, Edward L. Lauterbach, the Rev. Joseph Silverman, Charles Sprague Smith, W. Franklin Brush and many others.

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