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The New York Times, February 3, 1907

[This story has been edited to include only the portion of it related to Mark Twain.]

Chancellor MacCracken Says He'll Be There Eventually.
He Tells School of Commerce Diners Plunger's Sway is Passing--Women Students at Dinner.

The fourth annual dinner of the New York University School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance was held last night at the Hotel Astor, and more than 250 guests listened to various speeches upon the general topic of "business."
. . .

Col. George Harvey, editor of The North American Review, told a story I the course of his address that threw light upon the relationship that exists between Mark Twain and H. H. Rogers of the Standard Oil Company. According to Col. Harvey he overhead a conversation between the two over a telephone, which was carried on through the aid of the author's servants.

"I found Mark Twain in bed--as usual," said Col. Harvey, "and as I went into his room I gathered that he was carrying on a conversation with some one over the telephone. As I waited I heard Mr. Clemens say to his servant, 'You tell Henry Rogers that I am not feeling very well this evening and that I should like to take dinner with him at his home.'

"The servant went to the telephone, and returned saying that Mr. Rogers had replied he would be glad to have Mr. Clemens as his guest at dinner.

" 'Well, you ring up Henry Rogers again and tell him that I have a cold and can't go unless he sends his automobile for me.'

"The servant did as he was bid, and returned with a satisfactory answer.

" 'Now, you ring up Henry Rogers again, and tell him that I can't go unless there is a bed convenient; it's too cold for me to return in the night air.'

"Again there was a satisfactory reply, and I believed that negotiations were at an end, but I was in error.

" 'You ring up Henry Rogers again,' said Clemens, 'and ask whether I shall fetch night robes, or shall we waive etiquette.' "

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