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The New York Times, February 2, 1907

Delights Police Headquarters by Wearing His White Flannel Suit.

Wearing a white flannel suit, just like that in which he first appeared on Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, Mark Twain went to Police Headquarters yesterday. When he alighted from his carriage at the curb on the Mulberry Street side of the building a tattered man, who looked as though he might have strayed from a Bowery saloon, yelled:

"Hello, Mark!"

The humorist looked at the man, smiled genially, called back "Hello" in a pleasant tone, and hurried up the steps.

After spending about fifteen minutes in Commissioner Bingham's office Mr. Clemens returned to his carriage. Before entering it he explained that it was just a social call he had made on the Commissioner, whom he knew very well, he said, having met him in Germany and several times in Washington. No, he had not found any fault with the department, he said. He did not think the police needed advice so much as some members of the highest legislative body in the land.

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