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The New York Times, January 10, 1907

Mark Twain Home from Bermuda Has It to Give Away.

"I could not stay away any longer. Literature is in a bad way. Mr. Shakespeare is dead, and my old friend, Mr. Milton, has passed away, so I had to come home," declared Mark Twain as he came ashore from the steamship Bermudian yesterday.

The author made the round trip on the steamship for a rest.

"Please don't say I have been away for my health," he said. "I have plenty of health. Indeed, I'll give some of it away to anybody who needs health."

Mr. Clemens said that the trip had been a benefit in one way. It had given him a chance to create a sensation in Bermuda by wearing the famous white suit in which he appeared in Washington some time ago. He added that the costume suited both his complexion and style of beauty.

Mr. Clemens was accompanied by Miss Isabel Lyons, his secretary, and his friend, the Rev. Dr. Joseph Twitchell of

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