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The New York Times, May 21, 1906

$5,000 Pledged to the Players - Committees Appointed.

Committees have been appointed to advance the plan for a monument to be erected by The Players to Edwin Booth and considering suggestions by the members. As already told in THE TIMES the monument will probably be placed in Gramercy Park, facing the clubhouse.

There is already a nucleus for the fund consisting of pledges from nearly one hundred members of the club and amounting to more than $5,000. Here are the committees appointed by the club:

Finance - J. Pierpont Morgan, Henry W. Poor, E. C. Benedict, George W. Vanderbilt, and H. H. Pomroy.

Actors - Francis Wilson, W. H. Crane, Otis Skinner, David Warfield, Henry Miller, Richard Mansfield, Sir Charles Wyndham, Sidney Booth, Creston Clarke, N. C. Goodwin, John Blair, William Gillette, William Courtleigh, James K. Hackett, Forrest Robinson, Frank Worthing, Barton Hill, James O'Neil, Henry E. Dixey, Wilfrid North, E. H. Sothern, Albert Brunig, J. H. Benrimo, Harry Woodruff, and F. F. Mackay.

Managers - Daniel Frohman, Charles Forhman, David Belasco, John W. Albaugh, and Heinrich Conried.

Literature - Samuel L. Clemens, ("Mark Twain,") Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Edmund Clarence Stedman, Richard Watson Gilder, and David A. Munroe.

Clergy - Bishop Potter, Bishop Coadjutor Greer, Archdeacon Russell, the Rev. George C. Houghton, and the Rev. E. P. Newton.

Painters - Francis D. Millet, Edward Simmons, Childe Hassam, Robert Reid, and Willard L. Metcalf.

Sculptors - August Saint-Gaudens, Karl Bitter, Andrew O'Connor, Francis M. L. Tonetti, and Herbert Adams.

Architects - Stanford White, Arnold Brunner, H. J. Hardenbergh, Richard Hunt, and John R. Pope.

Dramatists - Bronson Howard, Augustus Thomas, Clyde Fitch, Russ Whytal, and George C. Hazleton.

Lay Members - Gen. Horace Porter, Gen. Rush C. Hawkins, Stephen H. Olin, Evert J. Wendell, E. G. Kennedy, Ignatious R. Grossmann, H. B. Hodges, Austen G. Fox, William H. Bliss, John Cowdin, William Bispham, ex-Judge Joseph F. Daly, and William C. Bamburgh.

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