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The New York Times, April 12, 1906

Young Billiard Champion Leads Boston Player by 118 Points.
"Wizard" Makes Top Run of Tournament, Scoring 137--Hoppe's Best Effort is 68.

[This article has been edited to include only the portion most relevant to Mark Twain.]

Victories for the new and the old billiard champions, William F. Hoppe and Jacob Schaefer, were scored yesterday in the international championship tournament in the concert hall of Madison Square Garden. Each won by an entirely different method of 13-inch balk line, two counts in balk. Hoppe's stroke, hard and pounding, was the antithesis of Schaefer's touch, gentle as a Summer's zephyr, which kept the balls together splendidly. The young champion could not attain the softness of touch which produced a great nursing run of 137 for the "Wizard."

Hoppe's carroms were gained by ball-to-ball billiards. He defeated Albert G. Cutler, the ex-amateur of Boston, by 500 points to 382. His average was one notch below Slosson's on the night previous. Schaefer easily defeated Ora Morningstar by 500 points to 233. His average was 18 14-27.

Mark Twain made his second visit to the tournament during the evening, coming as he said: "To see the boy David get away with one of the billiard Goliaths." He was accompanied by Albert Bigelow Paine. They came in while Cutler was in the middle of his fifth turn at the table. There was a spontaneous outburst of applause, and Twian smiled and bowed his white head to all parts of the house before taking his seat. Then he began a running fire of comment upon the play, applauding good shots of both competitors without partiality.


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