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The New York Times, January 17, 1906

Laments That He Cannot Dictate as Fast as Motor Salesmen Talk.

Mark Twain was an interested visitor at the Automobile Show in Madison Square Garden yesterday afternoon. He was the guest of Sales Manager R. D. Chapin at the Oldsmobile booth. As the popular writer walked slowly down the broad aisles, commenting upon the splendid machines on exhibition, he was followed by a curious crowd. Mr. Clemens, however, did not purchase a motor car, but he promised to come again and take a ride in one of the demonstrating machines tomorrow.

"I dictate each day about four thousand words," he said, "and I find it a hard day's work. If I could talk as rapidly, however, as some of these automobile salesmen do, I could dictate a great many more words and consequently make more money."

Col. John Jacob Astor was present and purchased three more Cadillacs. They will be shipped South for his use this Winter.

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