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The New York Times, November 24, 1905

Authors to Celebrate His 70th Birthday at Delmonico's

There will be a notable gathering of authors at the dinner to be given by George Harvey to celebrate the seventieth birthday of Mark Twain at Delmonico's on Dec. 5. The party will comprise fully 150. Among those who have signified their intention of being present are:

John Burroughs, Richard Watson Gilder, William Dean Howells, Hamilton W. Mabie, Brander Matthews, F. Hopkinson Smith, Howard Pyle, Andrew Carnegie, Irving Bacheller, Henry Van Dyke, Owen Wister, Arthur Colton, Robert W. Chambers, George W. Cable, F. P. Dunne, George Cary Eggleston, Alice Brown, Eliot Gregory, Mrs. Pearl Craigie, Rupert Hughes, Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, Harold MacGrath, Ruth McEnerey Stuart, Richard Le Gallienne, Edith Wyatt.

Frances Powell, Kate Douglas Riggs, Agnes Repplier, May Sinclair, Carolyn Wells, Margaret Sutton, Briscoe Hopkins, Elinor Macartney Lane, Gabrielle Jackson, Margaret Potter Black, Joseph Altsheier, Thompson Buchanan, James Branch Cabell, Will Carleton, Charles W. Chesnutt, Norman Duncan, Charles A. Eastman, Justus Miles Forman, Sewell Ford, S. M. Gardenhire, Will N. Harben, Frederick Trevor Hill, Julian Hawthorne, Ernest Ingersoll, A. H. Joline, Owen Johnson, Edwin Lefevre, John Uri Lloyd, Alfred Henry Lewis, John Luther Long, Charles Major, George Barr McCutcheon, Philip Verrill Mighels, Weymer Jay Mills, Edwin Markham, Tom Masson.

R. K. Munkittrick, Peter Newell, William Dana Orcutt, William Farquhar Payson, Emery Pottie, Morgan Robertson, Van Tassel Sutphen, Bert Leston Taylor, Eugene Thwing, Herman Knickerbocker Viele, Churchill Williams, Jesse Lynch Williams, Mrs. Henry M. Alden, Nancy Huston Banks, Josephine Daskam Bacon, Caroline Duer, Olivia Howard Dunbar, May Isabel Fisk, Louise Forsslund, Mrs. Marie Manning, Miss Howells, Elizabeth G. Jordan, Florence Morse Kingsley, Ottilie A. Liljencrantz, Alice Duer Miller, Marguerite Merrington, Anne O'Hagan, Mrs. Edwin Post, (Emily Post,) Mrs. Louise Morgan Sill, Anna McClure Sholl, Isobel Strong, Mrs. Wilson Woodrow, Florence Wilkinson.

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