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The New York Times, September 15, 1904

Has Been Busy Having a Good Time - Mark Twain Meets Him.

H. H. Rogers of the Standard Oil Company, Mrs. Rogers, and Mrs. Simpson Rogers were passengers on the White Star Line steamship Oceanic, which arrived yesterday from Liverpool. Mark Twain was at the pier to meet them. Mr. Rogers said that he went abroad seven weeks ago because Mrs. Rogers was in ill-health and needed an outing. They spent their time in Europe at Vichy.

Mr. Rogers refused to discuss the political situation, saying that he had been so intent while abroad on having a good time that he had completely lost track of affairs. He said that he had not thought of business while away. He said that he met Commodore Plant, the owner of the racing schooner Ingomar, in Paris, and that the Commodore was greatly elated over the victories he had won abroad. He will return on one of the ships due here on Saturday.

Mr. Rogers said that he had no plans for racing his yacht Kanawha; that, as a matter of fact, there would be nothing for him to beat until the new turbine yachts come out.

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