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The New York Times, December 5, 1900


The Writer Meets 200 Persons at Aldine Association Dinner.

The Aldine Association gave a dinner last evening to Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain) at the rooms of the association, Eighteenth Street and Fifth Avenue. More than 200 members and guests sat down to the dinner, which began at 7:30 o'clock. H. W. Mabie presided, at his right being Mark Twain, and on his left Bishop Potter.

In addition to a speech by the guest of the evening, speeches were made by Bishop Potter, Joseph Jefferson, John K. Bangs, F. Hopkinson Smith, and others.

Among others present at the dinner were Brander Matthews, Laurence Hutton, Nathan Straus, H. Loomis Nelson, Albert Shaw, Charles Scribner, George H. Richmond, Major Pond, Judge Hurd, Edward Bok, R. H. Russell, Richard Watson Gilder, James W. Alexander, Dr. C. C. Rice, Augustus Thomas, E. F. Bliss, and Capt. Joshua Slocum.

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