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The New York Times, November 10, 1893

Lotos Dinner to Mark Twain.

The Lotos club will give the first dinner in its new house, 558 Fifth Avenue, to Mr. Samuel L. Clemens, (Mark Twain,) on Saturday evening. Two hundred members and guests will participate in this tribute to the humorist. The capacities of the new clubhouse will be well tested. Mark Twain is one of the oldest members of the Lotos, but, owing to his residence abroad, his fellow members have seen very little of him for a number of years. The demand for seats at the dinner in his honor is something unprecedented, and it promises to be a notable one in the history of the club. Among those who have accepted invitations and who are expected to be present and participate in the after-dinner speaking are Seth Low, Richard Watson Gilder, Charles Dudley Warner, Edmund Clarence Stedman, Charles A. Dana, William D. Howells, Gen. Horace Porter, James Brisbin Walker, and Edward Eggleston. President Frank R. Lawrence will preside. Mr. Clemens expected to return to Europe at an early day, but he postponed his departure in order to accept this compliment from the Lotos Club.

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