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Territorial Enterprise, November 1 or 2, 1866

[Enterprise Staff report on Mark Twain's lecture]

One of the largest and most fashionable audiences that ever graced the Opera House was in attendance last evening on the occasion of Mark Twain's lecture on the Sandwich Islands. The entire dress circle and the greater portion of the parquette were filled with ladies while all the available space for extra seats and standing room was occupied. It was a magnificent tribute to the lecturer from his old friends. Of the lecture itself we can only speak in general terms as its points are too numerous and varied to admit of special mention.

Combining the most valuable statistical and general information with passages of drollest humor, all delivered in the peculiar and inimitable style of the author in the lecture, it constitutes an entertainment of rare excellence and intelligence. The lecture will be delivered in the principal towns throughout the state, but we are unable at present to mention definitely any time or place.

In a day or two the entire programme will be arranged. Meanwhile our neighboring towns can well afford to wait patiently in anticipation of a rare treat.

[reprinted in Mark Twain in Nevada, Effie Mona Mack, (Charles Scribner's Sons, 1947), p. 334.]

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