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Territorial Enterprise, February 25, 1866

Recovered from Montana Post supplement March 17, 1866, p. 5.]

Mark Twain on Spiritualism

As I have said before, it is safest to stick to the old regular plan of salvation and not speculate in these new and unprospected wildcat religions. I regard spiritualism as wildcat -- and shall continue to do so until they get down on it deeper, and show wall-rock on both sides, and prove that they have got a ledge. A man, named McCoy, went under yesterday, poor fellow, and has been sent to Stockton. He was a Friend of Progress, but Progress was no friend to him. She overthrew his reason, and left him in no respect superiorto the beasts of the field and the birds of the air. This is a sort, of progress which a person, entirely impartial, would call retrogression. McCoy prospected the new faith at the recent "seances."

[Reprinted in American Literary Realism, Vol. 47, No. 1, Fall 2014, p. 92-93.]

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