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Territorial Enterprise, February 1866

[Item recovered from Reese River Reveille, February 16, 1866, p. 2]


John Allman is here making preparations for leaving for Montana on the 23d of the month with a train of seven six-horse stages. They are large, eleven-passenger, thorough brace Concord coaches. He does not know what he will do with them when he gets them there, but he says he will find a road there somewhere to run them on, and if he don't he will build one. That is the sort of energy that wins, and John has always displayed it. He is going to leave Sacramento on the 28d with his seven wagons, and will pass through your Virginia and land in Montana in the course of thirty-five days or thereabouts. He will take his passengers to Helena or Virginia City, just as they please. He proposes to charge $125 and allow 25 pounds of baggage.

[Reprinted in American Literary Realism, Vol. 47, No. 1, Fall 2014, p. 92.]

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