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Territorial Enterprise, January 1866

SAN FRANCISCO LETTER [dated January 24, 1866]

More Outcroppings! [I.]

I find the following mysterious notice glaringly displayed in the advertising columns of the Bulletin: OUTCROPPINGS!-- The second volume, compiled by W_____, will be issued next week.

Who is the publisher? There is no name mentioned, and I cannot conjecture. But that is of small consequence-- what interests us more is to know who "W_____" is. Is it Wentworth (May Wentworth? ) or is it Wash Wright? or is it Washington Second? or is it Winnemucca? or is it the old original Whangdoodle? I shall have to inquire into this matter, unless "W" comes forward with the information himself very soon. If the volume were not promised "next week," we might suppose it was the first of Bancroft's forthcoming nine volumes of California verse-- but you know we are not to look for any portion of that work before July. This second volume of Outcroppings is a humbug of some kind or other, no doubt.

Also includes:
Among the Spiritualists
Personal - text not available
How They Take it - text not available

[reprinted in Mark Twain: San Francisco Correspondent, (Book Club of California, 1957), p. 66-67.]

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