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Territorial Enterprise, April 1, 1864


Day before yesterday Sergeant Dinsmore, of Co. H, Capt. Kelley, arrested a man in Washoe county, who by his frequent utterance of treasonable sentiments and vile abuse of the Government, had rendered himself obnoxious to all his neighbors. The name of the traitor is E. T. Russell. He was brought to this city yesterday and lodged in jail, whence he will be removed this morning to Fort Churchill to pack sand. He was very penitent yesterday morning, and was ready to do almost anything to be "let alone;" but this thing of spitting in Uncle Sam's face and having the insult excused upon making a hypocritical apology, is getting to be about played out -- it's the old thing -- and Mr. Jeff Davis's particular friend and admirer, Mr. Russell, will be obliged to work out his salvation at the Fort -- he must show works meet for repentance.

[Reprinted in San Francisco Bulletin, April 5, 1864, p. 5.]

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