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Territorial Enterprise, February 1864


Friday afternoon

CARSON, February 19

Mr. Gillespie moved to reduce the Sergeant-at-Arms' salary to $9 per day, and strike out that portion which gives the reporters $7 per day.

Mr. Barclay said Mr. Gillespie was not so economical when he presented his own bill. Mr. Fisher said he ought to remember the verse,

"The mercy I to others show,
That mercy show to me."

Considering the mercy shown him by the House, his opposition comes with a bad grace from him.

[I feel called upon to observe that Mr. Gillespie got huffy - I would prefer to call it by a milder term, but I cannot conscientiously do so. Mr. Gillespie got huffy. - REP.]

After some further debate, Mr. Gillespie explained that there was no vindictiveness in him - all his motives were dictated from on high - from on high, sir! - [Tremendous applause.] He went on and made further and even more aggravatedly absurd remarks. Mr. Barclay said it was customary to pay the reporters.

Mr. Gillespie's motion in relation to the reporters was lost, by he following vote:

AYES - Messrs. Clagett, Gillespie, Hess, Hunter, Nelson, Phillips, Tennant and Trask - 8. NOES - Messrs. Barclay, Brumfield, Calder, Curler, Dean, Dixson, Fisher, Gove, Heaton, Jones, McDonald, Stewart, Ungar and Mr. Speaker - 15.


CARSON, February 19


Mr. Daggett moved that the Capital bill be taken from the table. Mr. Coddington moved that the bill be indefinitely postponed.

Upon the latter's motion a lengthy discussion ensued. Mr. Daggett opposing, and Messrs. Curry, Coddington, Sturtevant, Negus and Hall supporting it.

Mr. Curry presented a communication from certain citizens of Carson City, binding themselves in the sum of $20,000, to furnish suitable halls and rooms for the Legislature and Territorial offices free of cost, provided that the Capital be allowed to remain at Carson City, while Nevada remained a Territory.

At the close of the debate, the motion to indefinitely postpone was carried by the following vote:

AYES - Messrs. Coddington, Curry, Negus, Sturtevant, Waldron, Mr. President.

NOES - Messrs. Daggett, Flagg, Sheldon, Thompson.

[reprinted in Mark Twain of the Enterprise, edited by Henry Nash Smith, (Univ. of California Press, 1957), pp. 173-74.]

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