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Territorial Enterprise, November 1 - 7, 1862


SILVER BRICKS - The citizens of Virginia City, propose to send to the Sanitary Commission, the sum of $20,000 in silver bricks, The shipment will be made in solid silver bricks, stamped with an appropriate inscription, and will prove the biggest advertise- ment for Nevada Territory that ingenious brains have yet con- ceived. These silver bricks will be curiously examined and com- mented on by many a man in New York who would forget in fifteen minutes after he heard it, the fact that $20,000 in gold coin or Treasury notes had been sent from the unknown land of Nevada.

BUILDING LOTS - Hundreds of building lots have lately been staked off east of town by speculative peg-drivers. We shouldn't wonder if there was money in these lots. This city would not stop growing should it try. It's bound to go ahead, and we must have some place to spread.

[Text recovered by Michael Marleau from reprinting in The Mining and Scientific Press of November 8, 1862. Reprinted in Mark Twain Journal, Fall 2004, p. 12.]

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