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Territorial Enterprise, September 16, 1862

MORE OF THE WASHOE GUERRILLAS [original item not recovered]

The Territorial Enterprise (Virginia City) does appear to have faith in the story circulated by the Silver Age (Carson City) that a gang of 250 Secession desperadoes are hungering and thirsting on the plains for good Union blood. Says the Enterprise of the 16th:

There was rumor on the streets yesterday that there was a party of guerrillas somewhere in the vicinity of the Sink of the Carson, 500 strong. They are said to be well armed, having with them two or three batteries of artillery. The story goes that two of their number deserted and gave information of their whereabouts, etc. to Gov. Nye, and that the Governor is now taking measures to squelch 'em. We think their numbers are underrated; it is our firm belief that there are at least 50,000 guerrillas to every acre of ground about the Sink -- in the shape of mosquitoes and gallinippers.

[Text recovered by Michael Marleau from San Francisco Bulletin, September 20, 1862, p. 3.]

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